Where to Buy TETHYS Products (Authorized Distributor List)

TETHYS Innovation is operated and distributed by Infinity Creative Inc in California, United States. Tethys Team utilizes the world’s best distribution platform, “ Amazon.com “, to handle your order. Genuine Tethys products are only available through the authorized sellers on Amazon. Products purchase from sites like eBay or craigslist, or from unauthorized storefronts, flea markets or swap meets are always questionable.

XClear is a subsidary brand under TETHYS, the trademark is currently pending registration.

List of Amazon.com Authorized Resellers for Authentic Tethys & XClear Products:

Lux Buy Inc.

Windmill Tech Inc.

APEC Based Distribution Partners:

Company Name: Zhuzhou Shi Zhongai Dian Zi Shang Wu You Xian Gong
Amazon Store Name: Zhongai


Company Name: SiChuanWeiSuSuLiaoZhiPinYouXianGongSi
Amazon Store Name: WSP Marketing

Company Name: Dunben Technology Co., Ltd.
Amazon Store Name: Dunben Technology


Tethys products are always complete with packaging outside and written materials inside. If the packaging is damaged, faded, sloppy, incomplete, or contains misspelling, the product it contains is likely a fake.  


Tethys products feature the most advanced materials, designs and engineering. Signs of a counterfeit include poor workmanship, low quality, cheap materials, blemishes, dirt, etc.