About Us

Tethys is a global manufacturer and leading distributor of world class smart technology products used for both home and business. Our dedication to our craft in designing innovative, advanced, and wonderful products with simplicity and quality in mind has made us one of the leading leaders in the technology market. Based out of Silicon Valley, California, with international production facilities, Tethys protects and supports our consumers who use our products on a massive global scale.

Our main mission objective is to create engaging and innovative smart products that make the lives of our consumers more exciting, adventurous, and easier. By creating a wide-array of products that always surpass the standards we set for ourselves, we promise our consumers the very best experiences when using our products. Whether it’s creating a hands-free system to clean your home, or designing an advanced security camera with real-time motion detection alerts that can save your local business. Our dedication and passion to our initiative has ultimately shocked and transformed the lives of our consumers by giving them full access to the power, innovation, and ingenuity of all of the minds here at Tethys.  

Tethys is owned and represented by
Infinity Creative Inc.
32108 Alvarado Blvd Ste 211
Union City, CA 94587

Tethys products are currently being distributed across the global marketplaces.
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